Through years spent working in the industrial electrical equipment field, we’ve teamed up with a wide range of clients from different areas by providing them our products. We believe that we have always have the responsibility to help our clients achieving their dreams and visions.

ملزومات برق صنعتی

RAAD Company has achieved and succeeded significantly throughout the years in pursuit of its quantitative and qualitative objectives, commitment to excellence, product quality enhancement, and greater customer satisfaction, as recognized by numerous organizations and ministries. This achievement is strengthened by the presence of well-equipped laboratories and the skills of qualified and experienced professionals, which has resulted in the acquisition of international certifications and approvals.

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دوست و همکار گرامی

چهل سال از افتخار همراهی شما با شرکت تولیدی رعد می گذرد ; با تکمیل فرم نظرسنجی، ما را در توسعه و بهبود کیفیت محصولات یاری فرمائید.